Plant Room

The plant room department is arranged as per the step-by-step process through the 5S System. We have full fledged Engineers in our tool room. The tool room is divided into five units and the teams are working with proper coordination among the divided units. We have the most sophisticated plants with state-of-the-art infrastructure in place.

Design Department

The development cycle begins with emphasis on industrial design software products. The matured industrial design concepts are then integrated into advanced systems with licenced software for structural analysis. These developed products are then prototyped for "touch and feel" evaluation and rigorous internal structural testing.

Wire Cut Machine

Our proficient and dedicated professionals make the utmost use of these facilities and work round the clock with a client centric approach to meet the industrial requirements. Block cube cutting size depends on mold cover size. Cube is cut from top to bottom direction. Actual output depends on casting time and strength of machine depends on gear box capacity.

CNC Unit

The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system of a machine tool includes the control unit itself, as well as less visible parts of the motion-control system such as the servomotors, drives and axis positioning devices. These can include probes for measuring the position of the part or machined features, as well as monitoring systems for detecting the presence of the tool or the force that is being exerted in the cut.